Shiocton International Leadership Academy (SILA)

We are an innovative public charter school that opened in the fall of 2011. The Shiocton International Leadership Academy (SILA) will provide a collaborative and supportive environment where ALL students are encouraged and challenged to do their best work.

The highly trained professional educators understand that people learn differently. Each student attending SILA will have a personalized education plan designed to maximize learning. SILA educators know that 21st century learners must have the ability to ask the right questions and understand how to find the best answers.

We are a tuition-free public school that works to ensure that students learn and master the traditional subjects taught in public schools; but in new individualized, and innovative ways.


  • Is free to the public and offers an option in public education.
  • Is non-religious.
  • Is open to all children.
  • Employs fully-qualified teachers.
  • Participates in statewide testing programs.


The SILA learning community emphasizes

  1. International Collaboration Students enter a global society and must understand that world from many perspectives.
  2. Urban Outreach SILA students will partner with Milwaukee area students to work on joint projects throughout the year.
  3. Verbal and Written Communication Vital to the success of all students and a focus of our school.
  4. Project-Based Experiential Learning Exploration of real-world problems as a part of the learning process. This type of active and engaged learning inspires students to strive toward deeper learning.
  5. Arts Infused Curriculum The arts will be integrated into core curricular studies and projects.
  6. Technology and Informational Literacy Each student will have a computer and experience with cutting edge technology.
  7. Health and Wellness Students will evaluate their personal health and wellness and be supported in creating plans for improvement.
  8. Multi-Generational Mentoring Community experts will join SILA students in their projects and studies.


 N5650 Broad St
PO Box 68
Shiocton, WI 54170 - 0068

Principal: Mrs. Zeinert
Phone: 920 - 986 - 3351, ext. 751
Fax: 920 - 986 - 3291

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  • School District of Shiocton
  • N5650 Broad Street PO Box 68, Shiocton, WI 54170
  • Phone: (920) 986 - 3351 | Fax: (920) 986 - 3291
  • Email