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Facility Request Tips

Event Title: This is the title of your event.

Category: Please choose "Facility Use" for your Category. We will assign a category upon approval of the event.

Time:  The begin and end times at the top should be the begin and end times that the event will take place. This is what people will see when they look at the event on the website. 

Facility Use:

Facility: Please choose a facility from the drop down list.

Note: You can add up to five facilities per request. For the Cafeteria and Cafeteria-Stage, please request both if you need both. If you do not include both facilities, the facility that is not included will be available for other people to request. This also applies to the Shiocton High School Gym and the Shiocton High School Gym-Stage. 

Facility Notes: Use this field to let us know if you need anything for your event.

Note: If you need audio/visual materials, please email it@shiocton.k12.wi.us.

Begin Time and End Time: Please include the entire time you will need the facility to avoid double booking.  Be sure to include time for setup and cleanup. This should include the total time that the facility will be unavailable for others to reserve. If you need the facility for an entire day, use 12:00 AM as the start time and 11:59 PM as the end time. 

Contact Person, Contact's Phone, Contact's Email: The name, phone number, and email address of the person we can contact if we have questions. 

Description of the Event: The description of the event is what people will see when they look online about your event. This can be used to let the community know about your event.

Recurrence: If your event takes place on multiple days, please use this area to select all the applicable dates. 

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