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Dear Shiocton Backers:

It is important for us to look at co-curricular athletics as an important aspect of our school. Athletics are not something extra or superficial. The benefits of athletics to our young people are not something that can be measured. Teamwork, dedication, determination, commitment, winning and losing the right way are all important aspects of athletics. I want to thank the many people that make athletics successful and meaningful in Shiocton. Without coaches and teachers, enthusiastic students and parents, we would not have the quality programs we have. Our dedicated coaches are continuing to motivate and influence our athletes in the pursuit of excellence. All of us, by working together, will continue to keep our programs strong and worthy of respect.

The success of our athletic teams at Shiocton High School has left us much to be thankful for. The unified effort of so many has created a positive atmosphere that we can all take pride in.

A special thank you to our coaches who take time away from their own families to instill a sense of pride in our athletes; teaching them to always strive for success, believe in the team, respect authority, and face victory as well as defeat with dignity.

We are thankful to our administration for allowing our programs to work and achieve success.  Their commitment to the excellence of our programs is valuable in our pursuits.

Our booster clubs have been second to none in our determination to build successful programs. From the bleachers you’re sitting on, to field improvements, to game day items, and the list can go on…Without the manpower and money that our booster clubs support us with, we would not be complete.  Thank you to all the members and a special thank you to the board members for their work.  

Our athletes are challenged to always strive for perfection whether it is on the field or in the classroom. We challenge them to keep up the good work and I thank all of you who support Shiocton athletics.

Good Luck Shiocton


Ryan Spaulding, Athletic Director

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